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Tesco Bank Case Study

Miss L
Miss L contacted Scottish Claims in March 2010 in relation to a Loan she had taken with Tesco Personal Finance. Miss L did not have the Loan Agreement.

Scottish Claims obtained the Loan Agreement from Tesco Bank and established that Miss L had entered into a Loan in July 2005 and had been sold a Payment Protection Policy. The Loan was still running.

Miss L had been told by the sales person for Tesco that the Loan came with a Payment Protection Policy. She did not believe she needed the policy as her employment at the time of the application provided her with a comprehensive sickness and absence scheme. She was lead to believe that if she did not agree to the policy she would not be granted the loan and the cost of the policy was added to the loan.

Scottish Claims issued a complaint to Tesco raising various arguments on behalf of Miss L. We were satisfied that Tesco had not followed the regulatory codes of practice in place at the time of the application and that Miss L’s case would succeed.

In April 2010 Tesco admitted that the policy had not been sold correctly. They agreed to repay the premium paid by Miss L to date and also to reduce her balance and monthly payments by removing the Payment Protection Policy from her Loan Account. Miss L recovered £4,110.00 from Tesco and was left paying a reduced monthly payment for the remainder of the loan term.

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