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Firstplus Finance Case Study

Mr H
Mr H was sold a loan by Firstplus in 2003 for £75,000. Firstplus added a PPP (Payment Protection Premium) to the loan of £18,300. The loan was topped up in 2005 and another PPP was added to the loan. Mr H received a small PPP rebate when settling the 2003 loan.

Mr H contacted Scottish Claims in May 2009. After initial discussions with Mr H we were satisfied there was a valid complaint and initiated a claim against Firstplus.

Mr H had believed he had no option but to agree to take out the PPI policy and did so in good faith. We were not satisfied and were confident the policy was not suitable for his needs at the time. On investigation, we established the policy lasted only for 5 years against a loan of 300 months. Mr H had been charged interest on the cost of the policy and had not been advised properly on the terms of the policy he was buying. There were many other reasons why we believed the policy was mis-sold and all reasons were raised with Firstplus.

In August 2009 we recovered in excess of £18,000 for Mr H!

Mr H also has a current loan, having been sold a further PPI policy. We issued a complaint on behalf of Mr H.

Firstplus ultimately accepted that the PPI policy, which covered Mr H for only 5 years was mis-sold. The outcome of the complaint was that Mr H recovered the PPI premiums he had paid to date plus interest. Mr H’s loan was also renegotiated, the PPI policy being removed which resulted in his monthly repayment being reduced for the remainder of the term, saving Mr H over £20,000.

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